The GATE(Free Training)- Employment & Business Opportunities.

The GATE(Free Training)- Employment & Business Opportunities.

11 Sep 10:00 - 14:00 - Lagos
ByPlus Consulting Limited

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OBJECTIVE: Growth Advice Training for Excellence (The GATE) by ByPlus has established a strong enabling presence and continuously works in the development of people on the key skills that employers are looking for. It offers job search assistance, training, career counselling, workshops as well as specialized services to all job seekers, unemployed graduates, underemployed staff.
Its relationships with Employment Service providers, social service agencies, the business community, educational institutions, municipalities and all levels of government make it possible to meet your needs.
Register for this program, if you:- Are looking for the right job
Need more confidence, training, and support to kick-start your career

Need clarity about the type of career path that you want to follow

1. Obtain skills and reach your potential to get the right job
2. Opportunities are available to you and learn about current employment trends in Nigeria.
3. Employment Related Counselling.
4. Job search assistance provided
5. Get a Career Readiness Certificate
6. Employment plan and development to assist in planning and training for your job search.
7. Career counseling for a career change or advancement plan assistance.
8. Intensive job development programmes for specific jobs, Internships, and On-The-Job Training.
9. Understand the importance of employability skills.
10. Know your employer of choice.

VENUE: 2nd Floor Kresta Laurel Building, 376 Ikorodu Road, Maryland, Lagos, Nigeria
CONTACT INFO : 08087870280
DATE:11th September,2018
ADDITIONAL ADVANTAGE: Job search assistance and placement provided.


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